Welcome to Ruleville Middle School!

Registration end August 21, 2020 and resume September 10, 2020 by appointments only. 

We are asking all parents to please have your child registered by August 21, 2020. Registration is done by email only due to Covid-19. Please use the email address listed for your child's school.  

  •  For Ruleville Elementary, use rcesreg@sunflower.k12.ms.us, 756-4276
  •  For Ruleville Middle, use rmsreg@sunflower.k12.ms.us, 756-4698
  •  For Thomas E. Edwards High School, use tehsreg@sunflower.k12.ms.us, 756-4757 EXT. 1

Any Questions, please call the school.  All students must be registered before we start school on September 8, 2020. 

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